The CSS-Ebla organizes, in quality of technical and scientific partner of the international master “World Heritage and Cultural Projects for Development” managed by ITC-ILO/Turin School of Development, University and Politecnico of Turin, in partnership with UNESCO World Heritage Centre and in collaboration with ICCROM, a workshop (for the initiated) named “Integrated management of cultural heritage the University Museum System”, to project future scenarios for the University of Turin Museum System.

The workshop, planned from April 11 to 17, 2018, aims at exploring management topics related to different components, current and under construction, of the University of Turin Museum System, by identifying the main needs, potential development and valorization, also referring to the cultural offer of the municipality of Turin and Piedmont Region. Particular attention is given to the networking, accessibility and services issues, branding and communication, social and cultural innovation.

The activities are carried out with the collaboration of the staff of the University of Turin Museum System.