With the conclusion of 2020, we have decided to define all the activities carried out, the results and the objectives achieved, to understand on which axes to set the work of the coming years, thus defining our Strategic Plan 2021-22.



Fondazione Santagata has as its theoretical foundation the conception of culture as a basis for the quality of life of people and communities, as expressed in the research work of Walter Santagata, to whom the Foundation is dedicated.

Dealing with the economics of culture is equivalent to finding a key to interpreting territories, communities and cultural institutions that is capable of creating value from an economic, cultural, social and environmental point of view and that is able to respond to the multifaceted challenges and stimuli that they come from today’s context.

We have been operating for years within the framework of international cultural guidelines and policies, for example for the management of sites and territories recognized by UNESCO Conventions and Programs. Among these, the United Nations 2030 Agenda on Sustainable Development is of particular relevance today. We believe that cultural actors play a fundamental role in achieving sustainability goals.

2020 saw us engaged in numerous training, capacity building, research and design activities, including:

  • 36 education activities
  • 15 international projects
  • 7 research projects and publications
  • 77 conferences and seminars
  • 2 technical-scientific collaborations to 2 University International Master
  • 5 workshops
  • 5 participations in University courses

We have also intercepted and collaborated with numerous partners at national and international level, stipulating as many as 20 partnership agreements.


The Strategic Plan outlined for the two-year period 2021-22 sees us engaged in 3 macro actions, which constitute the operational areas of intervention of the Foundation:

  • Development and promotion of cultural heritage management models capable of generating development opportunities for scholarships on culture and social and economic development;
  • Promotion and development of models of Attractiveness and Tourism linked to heritage, cultural industries and production districts, and to the environmental and community resources of the territories;
  • Development of research projects and training aimed at deepening and studying the economy of culture and Contemporary Cultural Productions.

To achieve these objectives, the tools that the Foundation has acquired over the years will be strengthened, aiming at greater internationalization, the strengthening of skills, the strategic development of research and design activities, the expansion of its network. and, above all, to a digital transition through digitization paths and greater access to platforms and infrastructures, which are increasingly necessary and fundamental in today’s society.



In 2021 the Santagata Foundation intends to work in seeking concrete answers to the phenomena of profound CHANGE taking place in today’s society, investigating the present and FUTURE demand for culture and strengthening operational ALLIANCES.

In particular, 3 NEW OBJECTIVES will integrate the current activities:

  • activation of a FUND for culture and development scholarships;
  • establishment of a GLOBAL NETWORK of entities and professionals operating in the fields of culture, heritage, tourism and sustainable development;
  • promotion of an INTERNATIONAL PROGRAM of training in cultural projects for development.


It is possible to consult and download the complete document containing the 2020 Social Report and the 2021-22 Strategic Plan.