The Independent City of Trento, TSM, and the district of Trento (in range of the master World Natural Heritage Management) organizes, in cooperation with CSS, the launch of the book “Government of Culture”.
The presentation takes place on May 14th, 2014 at 5.30pm at Palazzo Geremia, Sala Falconetto – Via Belenzani, 20, Trento.
The meeting is a tribute to Walter Santagata’s work and to his social commitment in culture’s field. He was the CSS founder member and he spent his whole life studying and supporting culture for the local development and the social quality.
The people who attend the event are the following:
– Marco Cammelli: Professor of Administrative Law at University of Bologna and President of Del Monte of Bologna e Ravenna Foundation.
– Antonio Lampis: Manager of Italian Culture Department of the Autonomous Province of Bolzano.
– Carlo Martinelli: Manager of Cultural Activities of the Autonomous city of Trento.
– Ugo Morelli: Unversity of Bergamo. President of the Scientific Committee of the master World Natural Heritage Management.
– Alessio Re: Research Centre Silvia Santagata
– Giovanna Segre:IUAV University of Venice

The poster of the event created by Step (School for the government of the territory and landscape) can be downloaded here MASTERINVITA Santagata (3)