On June 16th, 2014 at Unioncamere headquarters in Rome (Piazza Sallustio 21) the 2014 edition of the yearly report “I’m culture-Italy of quality and beauty against the crisis” is presented , promoted by Symbola Foundation.

This report analyzes the role of cultural and creative industries on the Italian economy and societies and it’s written by Symbola Foudation and Unioncamere in cooperation with the Culture Department of Region Marche and also with Fitzcarraldo Foudation and Si.Camera’s partnership. The report was created with the help of Cultural Heritage, Tourism and Economic Development Ministries.

People who attended the event:

Dario Franceschini – Cultural Heritage and Tourism Ministry
Claudio Gagliardi – Secretary-General of Unioncamere
Pietro Marcolini – Culture and Balance Sheet Assessor of Region Marche
Ermete Realacci – President of Symbola Foundation

Fabio Renzi – Secretary-General of Symbola Foundation

Giovanna Segre of CSS-Ebla wrote the chapter of the report called “New management models of cultural heritage. More information is available on Symbola Foundation’s website.