The National Family Day at Museum, F@Mu is a tool that encourages the meeting families to be interested in culture, an opportunity to show how a museum can be welcoming and how children with families can be excellent “users of culture”.

The Centro Studi Santagata is conducting a study on the habits for what regards cultural consumption of young people and children in Italy, and the National Day of Families at the Museum is a valuable opportunity to gather information on a topic not previously studied with statistical detail; it’s fundamental instead to understand the nature and dynamics with an adequate level of detail. In the past 4 years CSS has collaborated as a scientific partner with F@Mu, through the development of questionnaires addressed to families and museums participating in the event. Data collected in the year 2017 are being processed and are going to be presented soon.

The National Family Day at Museum (F@MU) is a nationwide event born in 2013, during which all participating museums organize specific activities for families with preschool or primary school children, supported in the organization and in the promotion of the event by a team of experienced professionals of The National Family Day at Museum.