On 12 March, a protocol was signed for the development and implementation of related activities envisaged in the Management Plan of the UNESCO site “Ivrea, Industrial city of the twentieth century“, which establishes the ongoing collaboration between the Santagata Foundation and the Municipality of Ivrea, referent subject of the World Heritage site.


Last September, we contributed to the realization of some study and enhancement activities of the “Ivrea, industrial city of the twentieth century” site included in the cultural program of the Ivrea Architecture Festival in 2020, and to the plan of events supported by the contribution of the Piedmont Region, in particular, to the interpretation of the objectives of the Management Plan in the light of the provisions of the Agenda 2030 for Sustainable Development of the United Nations.


The collaboration between the Municipality and the Foundation intends to focus on the implementation of related activities envisaged in the Management Plan of the UNESCO Site “Ivrea, industrial city of the twentieth century” which have as their purpose the development of common research, study, knowledge, development and dissemination projects. on the enhancement of cultural heritage, creativity and design, with particular reference to the following issues:

  •  – Development of collaborations for the definition of management strategies and actions for the World Heritage site City of Ivrea;
  •  – Development of collaborations and mutual sharing of networks for the definition and implementation of projects in the field of cultural heritage enhancement, creativity and design;
  •  – Promotion of joint initiatives aimed at developing knowledge, strengthening skills and disseminating UNESCO issues in the field;
  •  – Identification of financing channels and launch of fundraising actions for the development of joint projects.



“The agreement with the Santagata Foundation for the Economics of Culture, with which we have already had the pleasure of collaborating, as well as representing an important opportunity for discussion for the implementation of the various actions prescribed by the Site management plan and their evaluation from the point of view of the economic and social impact, offers us the possibility, thanks to the international opening of the Foundation, to enter and / or create new collaboration networks to favor the transmission of the universal values ​​indicated in the recognition itself “.

Statement by Stefano Sertoli – Mayor of Ivrea



“The candidacy process that led to the recognition of the industrial city of Ivrea as a UNESCO World Heritage Site in 2018 certainly represents one of the most interesting cultural operations of recent years in Italy, as well as an exemplary initiative that looks at the relationship between culture and innovation as a lever for social and economic development. For these reasons our Foundation, which has been committed to these issues for years, is strongly motivated to develop, through this collaboration agreement, all possible synergies to carry out common projects based on these values ​​».

Statement by Alessio Re – Secretary General of the Santagata Foundation