World Natural Heritage Management – 5th Edition

Among the most important issues of our time there are Environment, Culture and Territory; our future and the quality of life of our societies will depend from which way we will deal with them. Because of this, in the time of research of new ways for sustainable development based on knowledge and, in particulary of its symbolic dimention, the ability to preserve and to promote natural goods is becoming a central point. So, the investments in environmental, territorial and in landscape policies represent an important input for development but also for new innovative factors and they can help social integration.
These are just few examples that are at the base of this Master program called World Natural Heritage Management imagined to manage natural goods recognized by UNESCO. It is promoted by the autonomous province of Trento and it is organized by the School for the Government of the Territory and of the Landscape tsm – Trentino School of Management. .
Research Centre Silvia Santagata – CSS Ebla
is a scientific partner of it since the pilot edition, focusing mainly on these educational programs:

  • Natural and Cultural resources as strategic driving force of local development
  • International institutions, rules and procedures for Natural World Heritage
  • Capacity building e management planning for the promotion of natuatal heritage


You can find informations and also you can apply on TSM-step website.