International Workshop “Urbanization and Cultural Landscape”

Css-Ebla is part, as scientific member of the 4th edition of the International Workshop “Urbanization and Cultural Landscape”, organized and edited by I.TED (International Institute on Territorial and Environmental Dynamics). This meeting is attended by students and International experts and is promoted by Univerities of Florence, Lisbon and Theran. Among the International experts and professors that atted the meeting there are: Gabriele Corsani, Roberto Gambino, Jukka Jokilehto, Hassan Laghai, Siavash Laghai, Alessio Re, Paola Ricco, Gianluca Simonetta, George Tatge and Angioletta Voghera. Both classes and works are host in Florence (University of Florence, DIDA and Communication Strategies Lab), Venice (UNESCO Bureau for Science and Culture in Europe; IED Venice) and Turin (University of Turin).
A two days lab focus on UNESCO Cultural Landscapes management, especially on Monferrato’s area. This lab also provides meetings and visits in Castelnuovo don Bosco, Vezzolano, Vignale, Castelnuovo Calcea and Portacomaro (Piedmont, Italy) and co-operates with UNIASTISS, but also with the Master Management and Creativity of Hills Heritage and with all the partners of Langhe-Roero e Monferrato UNESCO World Heritage’s site.
These works are also attended by Roberto Cerrato (Association Langhe-Roero e Monferrato UNESCO); Franco Ferrari (Major of Vignale Monferrato); Patrizia Monzeglio (Assessor of the district of Vignale Monferrato); Maria Vittoria Gattoni (President of Mon.D.O.); Aldo Buzio (CSS-Ebla); Massimo Carcione (Municipality of Casale Monferrato) and Carlo Cerrato (Foundation Giovanni Goria).