AlpFoodway: Culinary productions and Alpine Cultural Heritage

CSS-Ebla takes part, as observer, in the Alpfoodway project, supported by the European Union in the field of the Interreg AlpineSpace program. It is the first project about this topic and it is realized in partnership with 14 companies and institutions of six alpine towns, Lombardy Region, the association Polo Poschiavo (Switzerland) with a budget of 2’500’000 €.
This project has an interdisciplinary, transnational and participative approach towards to the Alpine Cultural and Food Heritage. These social-economic and cultural practices called “Foodway” are linked to the production and to the consumption of food. For alpine inhabitants, food heritage represents a strong identification element that goes beyond produtcs in themselves and it includes: productive landscapes, traditional tecniques of production, habits of consumption and rituals. Because of the depopulation, the progressively aging population and the globalization, Alpine food heritage risks to disappear.
AlpFoodway intends to create a model of sustainable development for alpine areas based on the preservation and on the promotion of the cultural food heritage and on the putting into practice of innovative marketing and governarce tools. It will help also to arise a transnational alpine identity based on values expressed through the food heritage.
This project is also actual in the field of a recent International debate linked to the 2013 UNESCO Convention on Intangible Cultural Heritage. All Alpine adiministrations are testing solutions for the safeguard and the promotion of their own intagible cultural heritage, but they are still fragmented and uncoordinated. This project will include all the Alpine territory and it will create those bases to sign up the Alpine Food Heritage in the UNESCO Intangible Cultural Heritage list as traditionals “foodway”.