Rifreddo Landscapelab – young protagonists for the rebirth of Monviso Valleys

On Friday 29 October the project “Rifreddo – Landascapelab. Young protagonists for the rebirth of Monviso valleys” starts, the project that provides for the re-functionalization of the “Porta di valle”, through a series of initiatives related to environmental issues and youth aggregation, to which the Santagata Foundation collaborates in defining a long-term management feasibility study that will make the project a springboard for local associations.


The “Rifreddo – Landascapelab. Young protagonists for the rebirth of Monviso valleys” project is aimed at young people from the Po and Saluzzese valleys and aims to reactivate the Rifreddo Laboratory by the young people themselves. A path that will last a year and will mainly involve children between the ages of 15 and 25 but also the associations B612 LAB, Ratatoj, Vesulus, Riusiamo L’Italia, the Consorzio Monviso Solidale, Parco del Monviso, Unione del Monviso and the municipalities of Revello, Sanfront and Ostana.


Based on the strong social component and youth empowerment that characterizes the project and on its potential to enhance the mountain territory through engagement actions for the youngest, we collaborate with interest in the success of the project and in the identification of strengths and weaknesses on to work for future perspectives and visions, through the drafting of a monitoring plan, management and feasibility study and scientific support throughout the duration of the activities.

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