HERITAGE ALIVE – a project for the development, conservation and promotion of the Agora of Smyrna

In the past months we have been working on the writing and presentation of the “Heritage Alive“, selected and funded under the “Common Cultural Heritage: Preservation and dialogue between Turkey and the EU-II” program.





The project intends to focus on the conservation, promotion and development of a deeper understanding of the cultural heritage with reference to the Smyrna Agora Ancient City site, with the aim of broadening the audience of visitors, increasing their awareness and stimulating the development of new tools for interpreting the heritage.
Among the planned activities, training and capacity building programs aimed at a broad target ranging from children, students, to professionals in the sector and the local community.



The initiative is coordinated by the Conservation and Development of City Values ​​Association of İzmir, and sees the Santagata Foundation as one of the project partners, together with the University of Catania and the Asia Minor Association of Aigaleo (Greece).

The Santagata Foundation will be particularly involved in the design and implementation of heritage training programs for children, students, professionals and the local population.