February 23, 2024 – The Santagata Foundation is proud to be among the official collaborators of the international conference “Opportunities for Heritage – Fostering Innovation, Conservation and Sustainability” scheduled to take place in Muscat from the 24th to 27th of February 2024.

The conference, hosted at the German University of Technology in Oman with whom the Foundation has a consolidated history of collaboration, aims to explore and leverage the potential of heritage in advancing the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs 2030). With a focus on fostering innovation, conservation, and sustainability, the event seeks to illuminate pathways for sustainable progress and promote initiatives that contribute to the cultural and economic development of communities.

During the international conference, the Secretary General of the Santagata Foundation, Alessio Re, will take part in the discussions among professionals by sharing his experience in the field of heritage. His insights will be particularly prominent during the panel “Initiatives of Excellence in Culture Heritage” planned for the fourth day of the conference, on February 27, from 9:10 to 10:30. The esteemed panel will also feature Dr. Mervat Abdel Nasser, Founder and Director of New Hermopolis; Dr. Rafia Ghubash, Professor of Psychiatry and Founder of the Woman’s Museum in Dubai; and Dr. Ahdaf Soueif, renowned Author and Founder & Chair of the Palestine Festival of Literature.

Following the panel discussion, the Secretary General will take on the role of moderator for the panel “Heritage Innovation and Entrepreneurial Approach” delving into the intersection of heritage, innovation, and entrepreneurship, offering valuable insights for attendees seeking to explore new academic and professional frontiers.

The “Opportunities for Heritage” conference is anticipated to be a distinguished event, providing enriching networking opportunities and fostering collaborations that will contribute to the international dialogue on investing in culture and heritage. For more information about the conference and the Santagata Foundation’s involvement, please visit the official website of the conference.