2021 was an intense, fast-paced, complicated year. Undoubtedly full of issues but also opportunities. As it does every year, the team of Fondazione Santagata has promoted with #culturecounts (an expression dear to Walter Santagata) an overview reflection, which counts as an opportunity to outline an evaluation of 2021 and to update our strategies.

One of the components of our working group’s shared goals is to diligently invest in both its own future and the futures of the organizations we collaboratewith, in order to advance not only the system in which we live but also the possibility of advancing ourselves. This involves researching, learning about, and understanding needs and opportunities.

We are aware that we need to equip ourselves even more to travel roads, or rather, project paths, that aren’t linear, to shift our attention and knowledge not to things, or institutions, but to relationships and processes.

Through our research, training and consulting projects we have worked to understand, support and build relationships and connections, particularly between the worlds of research and development, also at an international scale. This has been and certainly will be one of the most significant parts of our work.

We intend to keep making investments in knowledge. To conduct research and collaborate with our scientific networks on our working group’s most well-established subjects, especially the connections between culture, cultural heritage, creativity, and socioeconomic growth. Additionally, it is important to get new knowledge in fields of work that are sometimes similar to and sometimes complimentary to our own.

One such area is tourism and territorial attraction, now crucially important in terms of the interaction between culture and the environment, particularly in light of Agenda 2030 and the demands and expectations of younger generations. The issue of growing cultural markets and professions. The significance of cultural diplomacy and the part that culture plays in topics like equality and peace that have an impact on all of us in today’s global society.

Paola Borrione, Presidente e Head of Research
Alessio Re, Segretario Generale