2022 has been an extremely challenging year for Fondazione Santagata, but equally rich in opportunities. You can find an overview in the short report that we drafted once again to better understand where we came from and where we arrived, and to share it with our collaborators and networks, hoping to further strengthen and develop them.

As you can find in the report, during this year Fondazione Santagata grew in every aspect.

We carried out research, training and strategic support activities, working on 4 thematic areas, different but strongly integrated: cultural heritage, creativity, tourism and sustainability (for example with the Italian Ministry of Culture, with UNESCO, and the numerous cooperation project at both a national and international level).

We are certainly very satisfied with these results which will also push us to work even harder, above all to strengthen our team, convinced that culture responds to an innate human need and that it’s an essential resource for economic and social development of our communities and our country.

We are certain that culture, in all its shapes and expressions, is a strategically important capital to invest on; that’s why we are committed every day to find the most adequate and efficient tools to improve our present and to knowingly build our future and contribute to a more just society, able of making choices that aren’t bound only to economic needs but are also open to diversity, dialogue and cooperation.

Alessio Re, Secretary General
Paola Borrione, President and Head of Research