On October 10th 2022 we’ll present the 2022/23 edition of the international Master in “Cultural Property Protection in Crisis Response”  organized by Interdepartmental University School for Strategic Sciences (SUISS) of the University of Turin in collaboration with Fondazione Santagata as technical-scientific partner.

From 3 to 4 pm CET, Giovanna Segre (Deputy Director) and Alessio Re (Executive Advisor) will be available to answer any question from those who are interested in pursuing a career in cultural heritage protection and they will present  the one-year course aimed at strengthening the international efforts and enhancing cooperation to face emerging challenges towards the protection of cultural heritage from conflicts, illicit activities, natural disasters and climate change impact, and for enhancing the social and economic recovery capacity of the affected communities.

The application deadline for the 2022/23 edition of the Master is on October 14th 2022.