On 1st July, the wonderful setting of Palazzo Carignano in Turin will stage “La mia Geografia“, a concert combining traditional and modern, African and Italian sounds.

La mia geografia” stems from the family tree of the ancestors, with songs linked to the land and origins: using multiple languages, Saba’s voice digs like a root into the soil of memory, allies itself with nature and its elements, the wind, the forest, water, mountains and deserts, seeking their common denominator. In a dense interweaving of song and word, the concert is composed of original pieces, inspired by the thaumaturgic power of the pentatonic scales of southern traditions and their melodic-harmonic developments in contemporary territories. From the blues of the Horn of Africa to the rhythms of the western side, from the mystical chords of storytellers to Ethiopian compositions of Coptic Orthodox derivation, on the trajectories of a music that migrates between continents and fertilises genres.

La mia geografia” is the treasure map that every soul searches for to find itself, it is the adventurous path that the artists offer to their audience of fellow travellers.

Voice and lyrics: Saba Anglana

Music and electronic forays: Fabio Barovero

Percussion and kora: Cheikh Fall

Admission to the event is free until full capacity is reahed, tickets must be booked in dvance.


As part of the project “Africa. Forgotten Collections“, which will be held at the Musei Reali di Torino from 27 October 2023 to 3 March 2024, Fondazione Santagata is collaborating with DRM Piemonte and the Musei Reali di Torino, offering support in the conception and realisation of a programme of side events that will enrich the exhibition with conferences, readings, concerts and educational workshops aimed at building a new dialogue with the communities of origin and those of the diaspora around a controversial page of Italian history.