Tomorrow , the 18th of October, we are waiting for you at Ivrea per Hey Ivrea!

The activities will begin at the San Bernardino Convent – Casa Olivetti, which has recently been acquired by FAI (Italian National Trust), and will later move to OFFICINA H, where the students will work with the support of experts from the Santagata Foundation for the Economics of Culture to develop project ideas.

Nearly a hundred students from the Botta and Gramsci high schools in Ivrea are called upon to face the challenges and identify the opportunities that characterize the UNESCO site of Ivrea, participating in a friendly and fair competition. Participants will have access to the space at the OFFICINA H University Campus to develop projects related to the themes of “narration and community” and “innovation and cultural offerings.”

The jury will consist of Filippo Ghisi (Site Manager of the UNESCO site for the Municipality of Ivrea), Roberto Adamoli (Head of Institutional Relations and Fundraising, FAI), Alessio Re (Secretary General, Santagata Foundation for the Economics of Culture), Simona Ricci (Director, Museums Subscription), and Allegra Alacevich (Mission Create Attractiveness, Compagnia di San Paolo).