This week we’re in Barcelos, Portugal, for the final meeting of FUSION, an international partnership project funded by Creative Europe, which offered 8 designers/makers from Italy, Portugal, Ireland and UK training in digital fabrication skills and co-designing methodologies towards the development of bespoke products, across fashion, textiles and wearables for active ageing citizens.

On September 27th at 6pm the FUSION exhibition is opening in Barcelos, showcasing innovative design prototypes for active ageing which have been produced by the participants; the exhibition has been hosted by Circolo del Design di Torino last May/June.

The designers: Luisa Mendes Arruda, Hugo Palmares, Iryna Kucher, Maggie McBride, Rebecca Marsden, Ariane Fouquier, Luca Giacolini e Joanna Vanderpuije.