Following the first meeting of the G20 Culture Ministers, held in Rome in 2021, the Fondazione Santagata joined the G20 Culture Network.

The G20 network of training institutes brings together and connects universities, higher education institutes, research institutions, international organisations in the field of cultural management in an institutionalised system of coordination and exchange, in order to pool the energies and experiences of the participants to strengthen the managerial capacities of cultural professionals and thus promote culturally-driven socio-economic development.

The aim of the network is to create a series of tools (training, exchange of professionals, exchange of practices, construction of research pathways) that can promote the development of the member countries by increasing the knowledge of cultural professionals.

Last week’s meeting saw the participants talk about three topical issues in the cultural sector:

  • Culture and Sustainable Local Development
  • Community Engagement for Sustainable Cultural Heritage
  • Creative Industries and Entrepreneurship in the Cultural Sector.