On November 8th Circolo del Design of Turin presents: “Wonder project: Design in the Industrial Innovation”. During the event, the projects realized through the grant offered by the Compagnia di Sanpaolo Foundation will be shared. This grant had among its primary objectives:

  1. Contributing to establishing Turin as a hub for contemporary design production and creativity, as well as a model for an innovation ecosystem for the common good.
  2. Promoting a high level of “livability,” understood as the synthesis of the three key principles of the New European Bauhaus: beautiful, sustainable, together.
  3. Facilitating the sharing of skills, communication and collaboration among creatives, cultural businesses, and third-sector organizations aiming to generate social innovation.
  4. Strengthening the connections between the world of design and various community areas such as welfare, health, urban regeneration, education, environmental sustainability, and more.
  5. Fostering a proactive reflection and vision regarding the challenge of the green transition among the actors of the innovation ecosystem for the common good. These actors work to address both old and new social needs in the territory.

Paola Borrione, President of the Santagata Foundation, will speak and discuss “Osservatorio Mira: the process, challenges, and Metodo Wonder.”