In the seven-year period 2014-2020, Italy participated 515 times in Creative Europe – Culture Subprogramme projects, being leader 136 times, with a better result in absolute terms than other large comparable countries.
Likewise, 133 organizations participated in Creative Europe – MEDIA sub-program, some of which submitted several projects, resulting therefore selected in various calls.
In the research report “L’impatto di Europa Creativa in Italia (2014-2020)” the main impacts of the Program on Italian organizations were explored, recognizing the importance it had in the internationalization processes, in the acquisition of new skills, in favoring the innovation of management models and processes, in expanding and diversifying the public.

The study highlights both the opportunities that the 2014 – 2020 program has offered to sectors, including the audiovisual sector, and weaknesses. Both contribute to a better understanding of the expectations of cultural and creative enterprises and what are the tools to be activated in order to offer an effective and strategic contribution, at national level, for the development of these diversified and complex types of enterprise.



The research “L’impatto di Europa Creativa in Italia (2014-2020)” has been commissioned by the Ministry of Culture – Secretary Generale to Fondazione Santagata with the support of  Creative Europe Desk Italia – Ufficio Cultura e Uffici Media, in partnership with Istituto Luce Cinecittà.



Download the full research report here.