Fondazione Santagata takes part to the third edition of the call Next Generation You promoted by Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo (2021, 2022, up to 2023)


The call Next Generation You aims at strenghtening the organizations active within the territories of Piedmont, Liguria and Aosta Valley working in the sectors of Fondazione Compagnia di San Paolo’s 3 goals: Culture, People, Planet.

In particular, a few specific goals of the call are:

  • maximizing the efficiency, the efficacy and the impact of the organizations operating on the territories;
  • promoting the definition of innovative models within the transformation processes of the organizations;
  • fostering the relationships between the organizations and organizational development professionals;
  • preparing the organizations to new opportunities for development, positioning and fundraising.

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We worked on project designing and the implementation of the development plans of each organization with a cross-sectional method that allowed to define and analyze the principal elements of their operating context and development proposal.

We the continued to analyze the structure of the organization, their communication, their digital maturity, their economic and financial situation, and then we analyzed the benchmarks.

In order to implement the second part of the work we had to define the action plans and select the goals of the development proposal, both general and specific.

Then we drafted a budget, in order to economically quantify the implementation of the actions, and the impact evaluation, in economical term, of the actions.


The organizations that we supported in this analysis mainly operate in 2 areas: cultural and environmental.
We distinguised 4 sub-areas: Heritage, Performing Arts, Creativity e Environment.


Castello di Rivoli (Rivoli, TO)

Fondazione Giovanni Goria (Asti)

Fondazione Natalino Sapegno (Morgex, AO)

Musei Reali di Torino (Torino)

Palazzo Ducale (Genova)

Museo dell’Automobile (Torino)

Casa degli Alfieri (Torino)


Associazione PrintClub (Torino)

Circolo del Design (Torino)

Fondazione Amleto Bertoni (Saluzzo, CN)

Camera (Torino)

Camerata Ducale (Vercelli)

Circolo dei Lettori (Torino)

Città dell’arte (Biella)


Casa degli Alfieri (Castagnole Monferrato, AT)

Coop Biancaneve / Hiroshima Mon Amour (Torino)

Fondazione Egri per la Danza (Torino)

Nuovo Teatro Faraggiana (Novara)

Film Commission (Torino)


Fondazione per l’Ambiente (Torino)

Legambiente Piemonte e Valle d’Aosta (Torino)

Ente Parco del Monviso (Saluzzo, CN)

Museo del Paesaggio (Torino)

Infini-TO (Torino)

Museo Paleontologico (Asti)