Beginning in December 1999, by curating numerous events promoting the productive and cultural activities of the territory in artisanal, artistic, agricultural, and touristic realms, based on the insights from organizational analysis and with the aim of implementing the outlined strategic direction, the Amleto Bertoni Foundation intends to work towards strengthening its role within the territory and the context of the “Quartiere.” This involves maintaining continuity in its operational activities while also pursuing new initiatives aimed at defining and implementing collaborations and networks for the Foundation, solidifying its long-term economic sustainability.


Among the specific objectives outlined are:

  1. Consolidating the identity of the Amleto Bertoni Foundation within the reference territory.
  2. Strengthening the management processes of the Quartiere’s spaces and the activities hosted therein through the adoption of management software for space utilization and activity scheduling.
  3. Enhancing coordination among the various active entities in the territory by defining a coordinating and mediating role among the stakeholders involved in the cultural offerings and events of the Terre del Monviso. This involves animating coordination moments and annual scheduling, also through the implementation of services available to the territory.


Fondazione Santagata has supported Fondazione Amleto Bertoni in structuring activity reporting, providing a method that can be autonomously utilized for publishing annual budgets.

Additionally, it has collaborated in defining Fondazione Amleto Bertoni business plan, in particular focusing on spaces and activities based in the “Quartiere” (cultural center of Saluzzo).