The Municipality of Bassano del Grappa (VI) commissioned Fondazione Santagata with a feasibility study related to the possibility of nominating the Old Bridge (or Ponte degli Alpini) to UNESCO’s World Heritage List, aiming at evaluating the bridge’s cultural and historical value and at the definition of possible nomination scenarios  based on the criteria and requirements of the World Heritage List: Outstanding Universal Value, cultural criteria, authenticity and integrity.


The Old Bridge is located in Bassano del Grappa (province of Vicenza) and its origin dates back to the XIII century. The Bridge is evidence of a project originally designed by architect Andrea Palladio, passed down as a symbol of the city, and a testimony of the numerous events related to its history of distruction and rebuilding.

The research activity brought to the definition of two possible nomination scenarios, identified on the basis of the elements of value of the Bridge and of the feasibility potential. The scenarios are accompanied by a deep comparative analysis in relation to the possible nominations and a possible roadmap of the future steps to take.


The study’s main goal is the evaluation of the different hypotheses for the nomination of the bridge to UNESCO’s World Heritage List according to the procedures laid down for the nomination to the List.


Phase 1:

  • Definition of the work goals and method
  • Study of the UNESCO World Heritage Programme

Phase 2:

  • Evaluation of the cultural capital of the Bridge and recognition of its elements of value
  • Comparative analysis
  • Definition and study of feasibility scenarios
  • Consulting and historical review curated by Prof. Guido Beltramini

Phase 3:

  • Restitution of the feasibility scenarios
  • Presentation of the study


  • Identification of the possible nomination scenarios
  • Evaluation of the identified scenarios
  • Definition of a roadmap of the steps and the phases necessary to structure and formalize the nomination to the World Heritage List


Coordination: Paola Borrione, Alessio Re
Researchers: Lorenza Bizzari (coordination), Erica Meneghin, Andrea Porta

Professor Guido Beltramini, Director of the Andrea Palladio International Center of Architectural Studies, collaborated to the integration of the document with a consulting work and a historical review.