Research Centre Silvia Santagata takes part in the organization of two sections of the 2016 International Book Fair of Turin, in collaboration with Energeo Magazine.

The first section is held on Saturday, May 14th, (10am-11am) at Sala Argento of Spazio Piemonte about “Cultural Economics and brand UNESCO”. From CSS-Ebla, Giovanna Segre, Luca Moreschini and Alessio Re attend the event. Discussions concern the latest topics of UNESCO indications related to the sustainable development and to the achievement of post-2015 Millenium Development Goals, to the introduction of the II edition of the International Academy on UNESCO and Sustainable Development (Turin, November 2016) dedicated to the role of the UNESCO programs (World Heritage, Biosphere Reserves, Creative Cities) in the creation and in the development of good practices of sustainability and also in the presentation of the results of the research on the brand of UNESCO World Heritage drafted in collaboration with MiBACT.

The second section is held on Sunday, May 15th, (10am-11am) at Sala Argento of Spazio Piemonte. CSS-Ebla coordinates it on the topic “Memories of the world, culture, creativity and economic development”. This section aims to introduce the series of case studies called “Culture and Development”: a reading of important economic facts and potential development of those territories that can have an importance at cultural level, focusing on UNESCO territories of Piedmont and Italy. Attending the event: Roberta Fusari (UNESCO Assessor of the Municipality of Ferrara, World Heritage), Maria Laura Ferraris (Cultural Assessor of the Municipality of Parma – UNESCO Creative City), Carlo della Pepa (Mayor of Ivrea, candidate to be part of the World Heritage list) and Roberta Garibaldi (Project: Lombardy European Region for Gastronomy).