The Municipality of Urbino has commissioned Fondazione Santagata to develop and conduct a process of raising awareness and engagement for the resident community in the UNESCO World Heritage Site “Historic Centre of Urbino” and in the reference territory, focusing on younger people, within the context of updating the site’s Management Plan.

The project is part of Fondazione Santagata’s YES! – Youth Empowerment for Sustainability programme.


The Municipality of Urbino has begun to work on updating the Management Plan for its Historic Centre, which was included on the UNESCO World Heritage List in 1998.

The process of updating the World Heritage Site’s Management Plan and defining the strategic development guidelines for the city is aimed at triggering mechanisms of capacity building, capacity development and capacity strengthening, in order to work on the construction, development and strengthening of the subjective capacities and awareness of all subjects involved in the process, with the goal of triggering continuous improvement and virtuous paths that promote sustainable development.

In order to maximize the sustainable development of the Site, its buffer zone and its reference territory, the process takes into account the planning predictions already outlined in the SECAP – Sustainable Energy and Climate Action Plan, including the Mitigation Plan and the Climate Change Adaptation Plan of the city, already validated by the Covenant of Mayors in the community.


The main goal of the capacity building programme developed by Fondazione Santagata is to encourage bottom-up participation in the sustainable local development process initiated with the recognition of the Historic Centre of Urbino as UNESCO’s World Heritage Site, through:

  • spreading awareness about the value, uniqueness and cultural resources of the territory and the UNESCO World Heritage site;
  • direct involvement and mobilization of young people who live or study in the Site’s area, who will be encouraged to develop goals and actions towards the sustainable development of the Site;
  • the creation of a virtuous relationship between the resident community, young people, tour operators, farming and commercial companies, interested in preserving and enhancing the Site.


The capacity building format consists of two integrated and preparatory activities, which make up the engagement programme:

  1. Online talks for in-depth learning and engagement, in preparation for the Camp and the training activities on the Site.
    The talks will be frontal lessons that will guide young people and local communities in learning and understanding their own territory and its main characteristics up to the general theme of sustainable development. The talks will ensure a positive contribution in the formulation of concrete projects to be developed in the UNESCO World Heritage Site of humanity.
  2. The 3-day on-site Camp will guarantee the alternation of activities, workshops and visits to share the content with the local community, establish a dialogue with specific target segments of this action and finally encourage and support the action of the local community in the enhancement and territorial development.


The implementation of this project will allow to:

  • improve the awareness and engagement of young people who live in the Site on a daily basis;
  • improve the relationship between the resident community, young people and local businesses;
  • initiate a wider process of engagement and empowerment of the population of the Site, in the perspective of sustainable development.


Municipality of Urbino

University of Urbino

Covenant of Mayors for Climate & Energy – Europe