The educational project of the artistic park “Orme Su La Court” is approved by Expo Milan 2015. CSS organizes the workshop “Rural Landscape, men and earth” for students and PhD candidates of Architecture divisions.
This workshop is attended by many experts from different backgrounds in the Architecture field and it’s very useful.
Several meetings are held about rural landscape and the relationship between Art and landscape (in cooperation with the Italian Association of Landscape Architecture – Piedmont Division).
Students wrote final essays for the workshop which are presented in Musarmo Museum, (Mombercelli, Piedmont, Italy) where the exhibition “the Hills landscape” is also set up, with works by: Antonio Ligabue, Felice Casorati and the collection of Davide Lajolo.
At the farmstead La Court in Castelnuovo Calcea for all EXPO 2015 duration the exhibition “Il Convivio”  is set up: many works belonged to Emanuele Luzzati (kindly gave by Luzzati Museum of Genova, Italy) to witness of the meeting between the artist and many protagonists of Culture during the 20th century under “Il Convivio”‘s period.