Fondazione Santagata supports Associazione per la Candidatura Unesco in a feasibility assessment of the nomination of the Social uses of Riccione’s beach to UNESCO’s Register of Good Safeguarding Practices.


The study continues an in-depth work of research and documentation conducted in 2018-2020 by Bologna University’s CAST group and intends to provide a knowledge integration to the eligible element through anthropology of heritage methodologic tools, particularly in regards to identity, relations, environment, collective memory, work culture, formal and non-formal transmission.

In addition, the analysis of other Elements included in the UNESCO’s 2003 Convention Lists and Register will provide strategic insights to prepare an efficient Nomination file.

The ongoing nomination development scenarios will be shared with the institutional representatives and will be integrated with possibile suggested changes.

In order to ensure the participation of a broad base of stakeholders to the nomination process, Fondazione Santagata supports the association in the definition of a strategic agenda containing actions to involve the local community, the tourists and neighbouring territories and communities.