Seminars about “Wine Tourism”, CUOA Fondation, Vicenza

CSS-Ebla takes part in few seminars about “wine tourism” organized in the program about “creative networks and tourism” at CUOA Fondation of Vicenza, wherewith exists a partnership.
Wine tourism is meeting with success in Piedmont but also in several places around the world. Wine makers are growing and their territories have to deal with new challences and opportunity of development linked with the pull of tourists to the lands that make wine.
The Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), already in 2012, published the report called Food and the tourism experience where trends and important case studies have been discussed.
Research Centre Silvia Santagata works on these topics since long time, for instance, trying to put together wine tourism with the main topics of sustainable development and of creativity. Among those case studies and researches already discussed there are Langhe, Veneto, Sicily, Spain, the Portuguese region of Douro and China.