Fondazione Santagata promotes training projects, proposing and collaborating in the creation of training and international capacity-building programmes on issues related to the management of cultural heritage, cultural production, tourism and sustainable development.

Fondazione Santagata is among the founding partners of the G20 Cultural Business Management Training Network to strengthen the managerial capacities of cultural professionals and foster culture-driven economic and social development. (First announced within the Rome Declaration – a document signed by all the Ministers of Culture of the G20 countries at Palazzo Barberini on July, 30th 2021).

    Fondazione Santagata ideates and implements international capacity building programmes to contribute to the achievement of the UN’s 2030 Agenda and its Sustainable Development Goals, through the advancement of institutional and professional capacities in the cultural heritage field, improving access to knowledge resources and encouraging sharing and discussion of good practices.
    As technical-scientific partner, Fondazione Santagata has been following the organization and teaching of International University Masters’ programs for several years, on various topics about the economics of culture, including: cultural projects for development, protection, enhancement and management of cultural heritage and UNESCO designations, just transition, cultural tourism, creative industries.
    Fondazione Santagata is also a partner of the Master in “Cultural Diplomacy”  held by Università Cattolica di Milano and has been partner of the Master in “World Natural Heritage Management” promoted by Provincia Autonoma di Trento, TSM and Università di Torino.
    The training activity is completed with a series of training and capacity building programs, in-person and online, aimed at different targets (institutions, associations, professionals, private and public bodies) to strengthen their skills in the management of cultural projects, with particular attention to relationships with international agencies and bodies.
    Fondazione Santagata also promotes workshops and seminars and regularly collaborates with national and international institutions that promote other training programs.
2023 World Heritage Interpretation and Presentation International Forum (14-15 Nov)_Seoul
The Centre for the Interpretation and Presentation of World Heritage Sites (UNESCO WHIPIC) is once again promoting the "2023 World Heritage Interpretation and Presentation International Forum" this year. This event aims to thoroughly explore three critical themes: The Need for Wider Stakeholders in the World Heritage System. Efforts and Challenges of Inviting Participants at the Local, National and International Level. New Priorities, Breaking Barriers and Improving Capabilities. With the goal of emphasizing the importance of involving a broad spectrum of stakeholders, from management levels to local communities, the Forum will give voice to a variety of actors, including young professionals and heritage experts with academic, governmental, and site management experience. Among the speakers are Joseph King (Senior Director, ICCROM), Olwen Beazley (Manager Historic & World Heritage, New South Wales National Parks & Wildlife Service), Hyun Kyung Lee (Professor at Sogang University), and Haeree Shim (Head of Education and Networking Office at WHIPIC). Erica Meneghin will present on the topic of "Heritage Interpretation and Capacity-Building of the Regional Community: bottom-up approaches and forming stakeholder networks." As part of the associated activities, on November 13 and 14, the "2023 Youth Capacity-Building Training for World Heritage Interpretation and Presentation" will take place. In this context, international students from the Asia-Pacific region will participate in sessions focused on the interpretation and presentation of world heritage at World Heritage sites. Some of these students will develop their interpretation projects under the guidance of experts and present their final results.     Read More