Thanks to our experience in research and to our strategic partnerships in the legal, project management and communication fields, we offer support to both public and private cultural institutions on the drafting of management plans, strategic plans, business plans, innovation plans and on the planning of new services. 

    Fondazione Santagata supports cultural institutions and organizations in the definition of their strategic plan and business plan.
    The strategic plan analyzes the cultural and socioeconomic context in which the organization operates, it identifies the areas of development, the time priorities and all the human, technical and financial resources needed in order to implement a development process.
    Strategic plans are normally divided into 3 sections: the first one is the analysis; the second one consists in the operational proposals identified on the basis of possible scenarios; the third one is dedicated to the resources (business plan).
    Cultural heritage management is a complex topic, because of the policies and the tools to be adopted: today, managing a cultural resource means finding answers to a growing demand of sustainability expressed by institutions, operators, citizens and in general by the cultural audience.
    Fondazione Santagata offers strategic consulting to cultural institutions with the aim of providing quantitative and qualitative tools to better manage the potential of cultural heritage and its context, in order to create sustainable development.