The world and the society in which we live are now in constant change and actions and strategies are increasingly necessary to favor an inclusive and sustainable evolution in all aspects. Young people are the fulcrum of this change and it is important that they become the protagonists of the present, to ensure that they are active and aware individuals for the future!

YES! Youth Empowerment for Sustainability is the Fondazione Santagata’s programme fully dedicated to youth engagement and empowerment.
The programme aims at:

  • encouraging the activation of bottom-up local development processes with young people as protagonists
  • increasing awareness of the value and uniqueness of cultural resources of the territories
  • mobilizing girls and boys and creating a generation of lifelong supporters in order to develop sustainable development goals and actions
  • creating a network of operators and local institutions interested in the construction of a functional governance for the development of new projects, which has an element of distinction in young people.

With this aim, Fondazione Santagata has developed a series of processes and models of intervention, which have given concrete results and impacts, and which are declined and modified according to the work context, the intervention needed, the age of the children involved.

As creator of the program, Fondazione Santagata developed and launched interventions and projects in collaboration with institutions, bodies and managers UNESCO-recognized sites.

YES! special projects: