Fondazione Santagata’s primary lines of research are the following: cultural heritage, cultural production, tourism and sustainable development.

    Fondazione Santagata develops research projects relating to innovative models for the management of cultural heritage, with particular attention to the investment logic, to economic aspects and legal formulas relating to the collaboration between public and private subjects, and to the policies, tools and plans related to UNESCO Conventions and Programs.
    Fondazione Santagata studies the economics of culture and contemporary cultural productions in order to develop policy proposals for cultural governance. Moreover, it works on analyzing the emerging geographies of cultural production and in understanding the demand trends coming from new cultural markets and new publics.
    Fondazione Santagata studies the opportunities for local development from the tourism sector, promoting research projects about tourism connected with tangible and intangible heritage, creative industries and productive areas. Among the specific lines of activities, one is devoted to the UNESCO’s Sustainable Tourism Programme, another to the use of new technologies in this sector.
    Fondazione Santagata develops research projects about the topics related to sustainable development (green economy, sharing economy, circular economy, territorial resilience) and UN’s 2030 Agenda, focusing on UNESCO’s programs and on the relationship between cultural/natural heritage and sustainability.