Cultural organisations and institutions play a crucial role in facilitating a just ecological transition within territories and communities. This involves raising awareness about the climate crisis, adapting internal processes of insitutions, and effectively managing production chains, in order to reduce environmental impacts and foster functional networks between various economic and cutural sectors

Fondazione Santagata is involved in the development of research projects, training programmes, evaluations and support initiatives aimed at addessing the imperative need for adaptation to the climate crisis. Moreover, it explores the intricate relationship between cultural heritage, natural ecosystems and the systemic transition. Specifically, the Foundation focuses on understanding the dyamics within cultural organizations and territories, actively involving younger generations, and initiating a structured approach towards decarbonisation. All these activities aim to mitigate the environmental impact and foster a just and durable development.

Fondazione Santagata is a member of the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN) of the United Nations and of the Climate Heritage Network.