Participation, innovation, cooperation among different sectors, economic models of organization of the cultural offer are the phenomena that best describe the most recent experiences of cultural heritage management, including its conservation. A living and important heritage, not only as a witness of History and civilizations, but also for its given meaning and uses, the values that it stands for and the acknowledged influence on the quality of life of the communities that safeguard and inhabit it.

Fondazione Santagata develops, also through collaborations with other institutions at international level, consulting and research projects as well as higher education courses relating to innovative models for the management of cultural heritage, with particular attention to the investment logic, to economic aspects and legal formulas relating to the collaboration between public and private subjects, and to the policies, tools and plans related to UNESCO Conventions and Programs (World Heritage List, Man and Biosphere Network, Intangible Heritage, Creative Cities Network).

2023 World Heritage Interpretation and Presentation International Forum (14-15 Nov)_Seoul
The Centre for the Interpretation and Presentation of World Heritage Sites (UNESCO WHIPIC) is once again promoting the "2023 World Heritage Interpretation and Presentation International Forum" this year. This event aims to thoroughly explore three critical themes: The Need for Wider Stakeholders in the World Heritage System. Efforts and Challenges of Inviting Participants at the Local, National and International Level. New Priorities, Breaking Barriers and Improving Capabilities. With the goal of emphasizing the importance of involving a broad spectrum of stakeholders, from management levels to local communities, the Forum will give voice to a variety of actors, including young professionals and heritage experts with academic, governmental, and site management experience. Among the speakers are Joseph King (Senior Director, ICCROM), Olwen Beazley (Manager Historic & World Heritage, New South Wales National Parks & Wildlife Service), Hyun Kyung Lee (Professor at Sogang University), and Haeree Shim (Head of Education and Networking Office at WHIPIC). Erica Meneghin will present on the topic of "Heritage Interpretation and Capacity-Building of the Regional Community: bottom-up approaches and forming stakeholder networks." As part of the associated activities, on November 13 and 14, the "2023 Youth Capacity-Building Training for World Heritage Interpretation and Presentation" will take place. In this context, international students from the Asia-Pacific region will participate in sessions focused on the interpretation and presentation of world heritage at World Heritage sites. Some of these students will develop their interpretation projects under the guidance of experts and present their final results.     Read More